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MUS 102 | Audio Engineering


Audio Engineer

Learn how recording engineers shape the sound of an album. They record, edit, and mix sound through their choice of microphones, setting levels and sound manipulation techniques. They are well-versed in all kinds of recording technology, from analog to digital multitrack recording programs like Protools, Logic, Cubase and Ableton. In many studios, the Recording Engineer is also the Producer, overseeing both artistic and technical elements of the recording session. Recording Engineers work with Assistant Engineers, Runners, Recording Artists, Producers, and Session Musicians.

Acoustic Properties

Perform research and development into new technologies, equipment and techniques, to enhance the process and art. Draft design acoustical simulations of rooms, shape algorithms for audio signal processing, specify public address systems, carry out research on audible sound for live rooms, and other advanced fields of audio engineering. Learn the basic of acoustic engineering.


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