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Private Lessons

Meet your personal goals

Professional musicians, teacher and artist ready and willing to help you meet your personal musical goals. When you study with a professional private music teacher, you’ll receive your teacher’s full attention and focus for the entire lesson. You will benefit from lessons that have been planned and tailored to your specific needs, goals, and learning style. You will progress swiftly and easily because classes are made just for you. You’ll make steady progress toward your personal goals. You’ll feel proud and accomplished. And you will develop your skills quickly. Awesome!

Group music classes can’t offer that kind of individualized instruction. Why? The teacher usually follows a predetermined lesson plan and must balance the needs of many students who may have different abilities, learning styles, goals, or ages.

Better student growth

Different students learn and function socially in very different ways. These differences can be especially wide between children 4-15 years old, or between a 20 something and a retiree. It’s rare to have a class of students that have the same needs and learning style, so group class teachers must compromise. They balance each student’s needs to needs of the class as a whole.

Imagine that one student is struggling with something the rest of the class finds easy. The teacher can help him while the other students wait, or the teacher can go on because most of the class is ready, leaving the struggling student behind. Neither is a good solution, but that’s a common problem in a group class.

None of these are issues in private lessons, making them the best choice for you if you are looking to make quick and easy progress toward your goals. Students who take group classes to learn an instrument often form bad habits because they don’t have personal, individual attention. Mistakes go unnoticed and uncorrected.

Lessons are private

Many new students are not confident in their skills and don’t want to play music in front of others just yet. Group classes can be intimidating for these students. Private lessons offer the chance to work on music comfortably until you are ready to play in public or in front of others. This removes the the pressure some may feel at the beginning.