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Electronic Dance Music

Learn the new artistry of the Electronic Dance Musician. Make beats, track, edit, mix and master your own creations to the latest sounds of todays electronic music. Whether it be Dub-step, Downtempo, Emo, Atmospheric, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Rap and Techno, dance music will never die it will always be a part of todays popular music.

With any beat learn how to electronically manipulate samples and create your own unique sounds. Get the hands on knowledge to begin your Electronic Dance Music career today.

Are you an avid listener of electronic music? Fascinated by it maybe? Now is your chance to learn it. The aim of this course is to teach the basics of electronic music production as well as touching on some more advanced techniques – while keeping it fun!

  1. You will learn about effective drum programming techniques, how to write a solid bassline that fits well with your drums, basic music theory that can be practically applied to what you’re doing, and much more.
  2. Be prepared for hours of extensive production work and researching.
  3. The class is structured by starting with fundamental the electronic dance music production processes and then moving on to more advanced and also essential techniques.

Taking this course will provide you with a great introduction to the world of music production, learning about the basics first will allow you to extend your creativity whilst staying between the guidelines of production. Music production should ultimately be fun and something you enjoy, the aim of this course is to capture that and hand it to you.




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