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Cherish Robinson is the music director/vocal coach for DSM. Having over 15 years of experience as a musician, she has traveled throughout Europe and the United States as a singer, producer, composer and songwriter- with musical references spanning over genres such as classical, jazz, blues, gospel, music theater, R&B and pop. She was music director for Dallas’ Annual Divas and Daughters Tribute Awards Show and then accompanying Grammy-award winner, Erykah Badu, on the Vortex Tour as her newest background singer. In March 2010, she recorded an album with 1500 students as then music teacher for A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy entitled, ‘Music In Our Schools: It’s All Up To Me’. In June of that same year, her all-girl band, Beauty &the Beats, released their highly anticipated EP. She is a songwriter for artists signed with Atlantic Records, and teaching voice and piano as well as independent artist development.